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I'M Boakai Mamey

The Jack Of All Trades, Master of Frontend Development

About Me

I am a versatile software engineer currently living in Atlanta, Georgia. Most of my recent projects are based on predictive machine learning and advanced geospatial and financial analytics. Currently, I use Python for data engineering, Python/Java for back-end, Angular/React for front-end, and Docker for containerization.

I’ve worked on a lot of different applications for clients in Banking, Real Estate, Health Care, Travel, IT, Design, and Telecommunication. As a full stack engineer, I have in-depth experience with software architecture, UI/UX engineering, design patterns, databases, and DevOps. I enjoy working on web development projects that are meaningful, challenging, and rewarding.

I have experience in

  • Web Development

  • Multimedia

  • Databases

  • Print Design

  • Networking

  • Programming




  • Outstanding Senior Majoring I.T.

  • Geico Achievement Award

  • UPE/ACM Award

  • Jeffrey Mavro Scholarship

My Work

After college, I created this website to showcase some of my work. I've kept most of my college projects because I like to reflect and celebrate every stage of my journey as a software engineer. Unfortunately, for privacy reasons, I cannot show any of the cool work I've done at McKinsey & Company and Influence health.

I Play Hard, But I Work Harder!


Boakai Mamey

Software Developer + designer
Atlanta, Georgia


BS in Information Science & Technology – Magna Cum Laude

Mercer University, Macon, GA

Technical Communication & Design (second major)

Mercer University, Macon, GA


Senior Software Engineer

McKinsey & Company, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Build machine learning applications for clients in real estate, banking & other financial services

Use Python to clean, aggregate, and transform big data for advanced analytics

Build a library of UI components and scripts for rapid & consistent development

Build Power BI dashboards and reports from using data from predicative machine learning models

Create POC applications that are pitched to clients

Create architecture and CI/CD pipeline for moving applications from POC to production

Senior Software Engineer – Front end

Influence Health, Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Build web and mobile applications for healthcare marketing and advertisement

Architect and build front end components for platform team

Utilize Facebook and Google APIs for advertisement

Create micro services and web components using Node.js, Docker and other modern tools & technologies

Build custom reporting tools using tableau js

Build HIPPA compliant application used by more than 200 hospitals and hospital networks

Corporate Network System Manager

Liberia Telecommunications Corporation, Monrovia, Liberia.

Managed the corporation’s IT department including all network and computer systems

develope new modules for sales, accounting and HR applications in Python

Built website and CMS snippets using HTML, CSS JavaScript

Setup and configured linux servers for VOIP PBX, Odoo, and Bacula

UI Web Developer

Travel Syndication Technology, Atlanta, GA

Built responsive web applications for booking and reserving cruises, flights, cars, and vacation packages.

Utilized modern front-end tools including Backbone.js, Require.js, grunt, bootstrap html5, less, and more.

Developed front-end components of our travel booking apps using backbone.js, grunt, bower, handlebars, bootstrap, html5, css3, require.js and other modern front-end tools.

Web Developer

Desertedroad Corp., Atlanta, GA.

Built web and mobile applications. Design graphics for user interface.

Design websites and landing pages for major marketing campaigns.

Web Developer / Graphics Design Intern

Blue Bird Corporation, Fort Valley, GA

Design and produced marketing collateral including flyers, brochures & videos

Design websites and landing pages for major marketing campaigns

I.T. Help Desk Technician

Mercer University, Macon, GA U.S.A.

Fixed computer and network related problems

Set up video conferencing and AV equipment for campus programs

Let's Talk

Got a project you would like to send my way? Wanna say hello? Send me a message, and I will get back to you asap!